3 Tips on Taking Good Photos

Purpose. This is not a technical tip like adjusting the shutter speed, lighting or aperture. Rather, it’s a practical one. If you know the purpose of capturing the shot, you can better direct your subject (i.e., centering them, shooting on thirds, etc.) as well as adjust your camera settings. Knowing the purpose is simply asking yourself why am I taking this or what is this intended to do. Having these answers in mind will make for a better and meaningful shoot. You’ll be able to optimize the time of your shoot as well as stop yourself from filling your memory card due to mindless snapping.

Subject. What/who is your subject/focal point? Knowing your subject is just as important as knowing your purpose for the shot. Even in landscape photography, photographers find a focal point/point of interest/center of interest. Your subject is really what makes the photo. It what’s people look at first before anything else in the photo. Your subject is literally eye-catching. Think about what would enhance and take away from your subject, such as background and foreground. Browsing through the gallery below, what are the subjects of these photos? Where do your eyes automatically go to? What do these shots say about my subject?

Editing. Your editing can make or break a good shot. If you’re photo is overedited or has any editing mistakes (such as overediting, poor HSL tuning, etc.), it will takeaway from your subject as well as purpose. I personally am not a fan of using RAW images without any edits. Since my niche is lifestyle photography, documentary photography and photojournalism, I am very mindful of how I edit my photos. I try to keep them somewhat natural, but still add my style to it. I love green, blue and orange, and I try to accentuate those colors without losing my subject and purpose.

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